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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:07 am 
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PICTURE SIZE, PICTURE SIZE, PICTURE SIZE!! IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! Of all the submissions for the 2017 calendar, over 1/2 were too small in size to be considered for use. While I tried to get back to everyone to ask for larger sizes, most of the time same size files were sent again. Please read below!!

Also, a number of people have selected some awesome photos from runs/events/cruises, etc... that they have not shared on Facebook or the Manx Club website. While I don't mind putting in previous photos that have been shared, ones that have been all over the internet won't have the same Wow effect as a first time view. If you have one that you really love, and wouldn't mind waiting to share until the calendar is revealed, that would be very cool.

After the success in making the 2015, 2016, and 2017 calendars, I have decided to go ahead and get a jump start on next years calendar! This posting is for photo submission only, and I ask that you read the following very thoroughly before you start sending in your emails.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: I need some high quality photos of your buggies!

FAQ's: 1. Q: Does it have to be a Manx to qualify?
A: No! It has to be a Manx Club Qualifying buggy (fiberglass buggies, and the Empi Sportster and Burro buggy types). If it qualifies to be in the club, it qualifies to be in the calendar.

2. Q: What kind of pictures do you need?
A: I need high quality (yes, phone pictures will work, but they need to be original size - more on that below) .jpg photos of your dune buggy!

3. Q: How do I get my photos to you?
A: EMAIL your photos to me at Please put Dune Buggy Calendar Picture in the subject line, so I can have my email program sort them to my folder for these photos. Please attach them, rather than putting them in the body of the email. That's the only way that I can download them the appropriate size. Thanks!

4. Q: When are the photos due?
A: I will be going to print in the beginning of November, and it takes a few weeks to get the final design approved, so I need them absolutely no later than November 1st!

5. Q: How do I take a high quality picture with my camera?
A: I can't tell you. Make sure that it's on its highest resolution setting, and snap away.

6. Q: Brian, since I already have your phone number, can't I just text you some photos?
A: NO! Texting a picture drastically reduces the photo quality, usually on both ends of the text.

If you have the abilitly to manipulate your photo's aspect ration, please format it to 8.75/11.25 size.
All photos must be 300dpi or larger. Any less, and the pictures will appear pixilated. If it's not at least a 2 meg file, it's not able to be used. For best quality, 3meg or more is preferred. Again, when sending pictures via text, they are shrunken on both phones. A 3 meg file that is sent via text drops to about 300k sending, and the receiving phone shrinks it to about 200k.

7. Q: I have no idea what the answer in question 6 means. How can I send you the pictures I have on my phone?
A: Email them to me, and I will check them out. If the email program asks you about what size to send, send me the original (not shruken) size. I'll figure out the rest.

8. Q: What else do I need to provide?
A: The picture and your name.

9. Q: How can I order one of these fantastic calendars??? Can I order more than one??
A: Once the design is finalized and submitted, I will post ordering information in a separate post. You can order as many as you're willing to pay for. They make EXCELLENT Christmas gifts for your favorite buggy lover!

10. Q: Can I submit a photo with mulitple buggies in it?
A: Absolutely! Just no pictures of people standing beside, sitting in, or otherwise posing with their buggies please! If it's an "action shot" of somebody or multiple buggies on the road, beach, offroad, etc... then people in the photo are fine. Event pictures with multiple buggies, an outing with friends, a show picture, etc... is certainly encouraged also. Please do NOT send in photos from other websites, other peoples pages, etc...

If you submitted pictures from last year, and they were not in the calendar, you can submit them again!

11. Q: Do I have to be a Manx Club Member to submit my pictures?
A: No! I encourage you all to submit pictures, but with the membership benefits you get, why wouldn't you join??

12. Q: Who's deciding what pictures go into the calendar?
A: That's been delegated to me. I have considered a panel, but with the time limits and number of pictures, it would be near impossible to get a group to agree on which ones make it. I try to balance the colors, types, etc... and spread them out.

13. Q: I sent in a picture last year, do you still have it, and can you send it back to me since my computer crashed?
A: I do have most of the emails sent to me. I can try, but can't promise.

Here's why a good number of pictures were not selected for the 2015, 2016 or 2017 calendars:

1. Image quality, image quality, and image quality!! This was the number one reason many beautiful pictures just couldn't be used! I absolutely do not have time to try ask you to resend a picture that was too small of quality to be used. I tried last year, and it was too painful.

2. Format: .jpg images are the best. I can convert them over, but you almost always lose something in the conversion process. Phones and most cameras already use this type of picture file, so not a large factor.

3. Settings and background. These are buggies. They belong outdoors. I'm not going to put a picture in the calendar of yours in the garage, on a trailer, at the grocery store with the broken down Pinto in the background, lots of people in the background, or with the Hooters Girls blocking the view. I have NO issue with Hooters, but they do have their own calendar, and I won't put them in ours. Beaches, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, etc... in the background (in my opinion) are what looks right to me. Lighthouses, etc... are great too. Interesting roadside diners with several buggies is a great shot. Americana, Canadiana (is that a word or did I just make that up), other country icons are wonderful too. Just keep it clean, simple, and natural.

4. Remove the people from the still shots. I did have quite a few submissions of people by their buggies, in front of their buggies, etc... While I personally have a lot of these of myself, wive, kids, etc... I'm not able to use them in the calendar. I did have a lot of people share them with me just for fun, and they were great to see. I just can't use some of the ones that were submitted for the calendar.

5. Lighting. There were a lot of pictures that were too dark, too bright with the sun directly behind them, long shadows falling over the buggy, etc... This was the second biggest reason why some otherwise great pictures weren't chosen. They just didn't look right to me.

What other kinds of photos would you like for 2018?

Themes would be cool. This year, I received a couple of winter pictures, so not enough to have winter pictures in the winter months. I'd love to have more month type themes. Maybe some Halloween pictures, 4th of July pictures (I did have one for this year), etc... I'm sure you get the idea. Oddly, I did have a ton of spring, summer and fall pictures. The people down south sent their winter pictures since they can drive them, but it's hard to tell they're winter pictures.

I am going to apologize if I offend anyone. It's hard these days to say hello without offending somebody, so I'm sure I did.

The selection process was extremely difficult these last three years. I spent over 100 hours on the design of each calendar.

I solicit your feedback and positive suggestions on how to make it better next than last year's! Last year was a huge learning process for me, and I'm sure I'll learn even more this year!

Thanks to everyone again for the huge support I received for the last few calendars! The photos and ideas were wonderful. Please help me make the 2018 Calendar even better!


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Loretta: ... t=3365Manx
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:49 pm 
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I wanted to thank you for the work you have done on last years calendar! I know the calendar this year will be as good if not better than the last!

I would like to make a suggestion. Perhaps have a photographic acknowledgement at the bottom of the pic, or at the top of the calendar page at the bottom? Something like "Photo by John Doe".

Once again, thanks for your hard work!

Tim and Barb Byrnes
Team Kermit
Long Haul League
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Join us in St Louis for Manx in the Middle 2017!!!

Im not a complete idiot...there are pieces missing.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:29 pm 
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Thanks again Brian for the amount of effort you put in getting this project done on time every year.

I would like to make a suggestion, in that pictures being submitted for considerations be "newly unpublished" if at all possible to maintain originality of the calendars. France and I will refrain from posting picture candidates on social media or use for any other publicity until the calendar has been published.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:55 am 

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How do I attach a photo to replies in this board?

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:31 pm 
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whitebird wrote:
How do I attach a photo to replies in this board?

If you thinking about submitting a photo for the calendar you need to submit the photo directly to Brian (this is from his original post above: 3. Q: How do I get my photos to you?
A: EMAIL your photos to me at Please put Dune Buggy Calendar Picture in the subject line, so I can have my email program sort them to my folder for these photos. Please attach them, rather than putting them in the body of the email. That's the only way that I can download them the appropriate size. Thanks!).

However, if you just want to post picture with your posts on this forum, visit this for some instructions:


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