Large 3'x5'
Manx Club

Mini Manxster Club Manx Club
2018 Wall Calendars
Manx Club
Cinch bag/backpacks
Manx Club
Name Tags
Manx Club
Key chains
Manx Club
Price is $60 each + S&H

US - $6.50
Canada - $17.50
Intl $ $24.50

Limited quantities
Price is $25
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$12.50 for club members
$13.50 for non-members

Limited quantities
Price is $15/ea   Price is $3 each (2 for $5) Price is $15 each shipped (USA)
4th one in picture is Orange (Not Yellow).
Lori-Ann Dario Lori-Ann Dario Brian Giles Lori-Ann Dario Lori-Ann Dario Lori-Ann Dario Lori-Ann Dario


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Current Manx Club members receive special pricing at the Manx Store. If you are interested in accessing the Manx Store to order genuine Meyers Manx products, please visit the Meyers Manx Store. Be prepared to provide your Manx Club membership number.