Win 1 of 2 DIY Classic body kits

This raffle is being sponsored by the Manx Club for its active members (on December 31, 2017) free of charge, to demonstrate appreciation for their continued support of the Manx Club. Thanks everybody, and good luck!

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Director election results and Officer appointment

The results of the Director election are in and the board had their 1st meeting in January to elect the officers. Visit our forum for the official results.

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Old Red, the first Meyers Manx dune buggy, to go on National Historic Vehicle Register

While one wouldn’t normally associate Bruce Meyers and Carroll Shelby with one another, both have plenty in common: They introduced fun, lightweight, trendsetting vehicles; they were later forced to defend those designs against opportunistic copycats; and later this year, Meyers’s Old Red, the prototype Meyers Manx dune buggy, will join one of Shelby’s Cobra Daytona coupes on the National Historic Vehicle Register. - See more at: Hemmings Daily